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Be Careful What You Wish For

she was the new instructor in the fitness center, wow she looked hot, specially doing aerobic and fitness boxing classes, i was doing my weight lifting and had nothing much to do with her classes, although i watched her, she was tough, no fat on her body, tall, tied and very sexy muscles, i dreamed she would be the perfect mistress, the day came when she supported me on the bench, i gave my best 150kg 2x, she smiled we talked and i ask her out for dinner,

I was surprised she said yes, her classes had finished and i was done for today too, strait from the gym we went to a restaurant nearby, she talked about her life, while i was still dreaming she was a perfect mistress i noticed her necklace, a small hand cuff, "wow" i thought, shall i ask her about that? there is a secret life in anyone of us, i waited for the right moment, she talked about the relationship with her ex boyfriend, i ask her "did you play bdsm with him?", she went quiet looked confused, "what do you mean? bdsm?" oh shit did i offend her?

from her facial expression she was about to cry or to run out of that restaurant or may slap me, i was confused too, "well" i stuttered "i'm sorry but i noticed your necklace, it’s a hand cuff, so i thought you may have a secret life?" i smiled at her and tried to look as gentle as i could, she touched her necklace, took it between her fingers and showed it up "that one?" she laughed, "it’s a hand cuff" i said, she laughed again, "i bought it long time ago at a small market, i just like it, since them i'm wearing it, nobody ever ask me about it" "what did you say? it have a meaning?" "oh my god she knew nothing" i felt in trouble, what should i tell her?

"it's a hand cuff" i said "you said this the third time now, i know it’s a hand cuff, what’s so special about it?" it took all my courage, "well if a woman wears a handcuff she may want to show that she is a mistress" "what’s a mistress?" she looked confuse, "did you hear about bdsm?" I’ve ask her, "i think i heard about it, but it doesn’t ring a bell right now" bdsm - bondage, domination, discipline, sado, maso i explained to her, "oh i heart about that, it’s dirty sex!!" was her reaction, i laughed "where you got that idea from?" i explained her about bdsm, how different it could be, when i explored it first i only liked soft sessions, tease and denial, the more i played i tried other things, even canning and whipping, i could not take it but than felt a desire for it to try it again,

after a long talk she finally said "i understand" I said "i "wish i could play with you, be your slave and you could do with me what you like" "be careful what you wish for" she was laughing, "so you like to try?" i've ask, "hmmm why not, and you do all i want?" "sure", she had no experience at all (i thought) so what possibly could go wrong? she was a soft and nice girl, sure i would be her slave, i could take it,

we met at the dungeon, she was dressed in black stockings, high heels and a long red dress which ended above her knees, i could see her bra and some of her breast, nice nice nice i thought for myself, we had a few drinks to warm up, i always liked to have some drinks, wine or something else before a session, a little talk before make things more easy, i love it when a mistress starts her play within that "foreplay" when she orders me to take off my shirt and open my trouser and wants to see my hard cock, but jenny seemed not to do that, well she was new and therefore shy, after a while i thought we are going nowhere, we been talking about lots of different things but not about bdsm, it was a nice talk but did not turn me on at all, i was horny and wanted to play but she kept dragging on talking about her school, her live and ex boyfriends, i tried to be polite and listened, time went by, after a while i gave up thinking about playing anymore, she was a nice girl but she was not into bdsm,

thinking of going to dinner with her she suddenly jumped up and ask to go on toilet, when she came back she had a rope, a cane and a few other things in her hand, i was half sitting half laying on the sofa, she was standing in front of me suddenly demanded "on your knees, slave!!", i was a bit slow to get up, her cane hit me hard, "i said on your knees, come on get up!!" wow she wanted to play, and was confused how rough she started it, i was horny and of course i got on my knees, "get naked, i want to see your hard cock" she ordered, i did, she gently hit my cock with her cane, "hmmmm nice equipment" she walked around me now standing behind me, grabbed into my hair and pulled my head backwards, "you said you wish to be my slave and i can do with you what i want?" "yes" i said, her cane came down on my cock not hard but it sting, "how do you address a mistress in a session? i thought you have experience?" "Yes Mistress" i replied, "oh good, you know", "what shall i do with you?" she still was holding my head backwards i was looking strait up to her, "well MISTRESS i like ....." her cane again came down on my cock, this time harder and stopped me, "i don’t want to know what you like and i don’t care, i will do what i like", open your mouth "her spit was running into my mouth "don’t swallow it yet" she gave me more, my whole mouth was full of her spit, "now swallow it", "well at least i liked that" i said, she looked at me, "do you want to play or do you want to talk?" she slapped me, "here is a rope, get your balls tied up, i want to see how it’s been done" i did,

in my mind i tried to figure out what this was all about, she said she have never played before but here she acted like a mistress with lots of experience, had she tricked me, lied to me, i didn’t know her much, now i worried, what would she do with me? "tighter, i want to see your balls blue" i heard her say, well that was quite tied to me, my balls started to get blue, "hmmm, she’s been squeezing my balls" it felt a painful but in the same time exciting, my cock was rock hard, she hit it with her cane, gentle, she’s been rubbing it with her cane, she put clamps on my nipples, the big one, a chain been hanging between them, she took off her shoe and hang her shoes on the high heels on that chain between my nipples, the clamps start to pull but hold, her other shoe came, she hold it on my face so i could sniff it, than gently she also hang the second shoe on that chain, the clamps been pulling hard on my nipples, i felt on the limit, "i like that, i see pain in your eyes, but not enough" she took a glass of water and slowly she poured water into her shoes, the weight increased the clamps been pulling harder and the pain increased to, "hmmmm you said i can do what i want, yes?" "Yes Mistress" i pressed in pain, she now poured water into her second shoe, the pain increased even more, "if the clamps tear off you will lick it all from the floor" she laughed, "pls take it off, i can’t take it anymore, pls" "oooohhhh but I like it" "let me ease your pain a bit" she was now stroking my cock, her hands so soft, for a moment i forgot the pain, i will give you some relieve, she brought a small plastic pipe, the one which is used for medical enema, one end she put into that shoe hanging on the chain between my nipples the other end she put in my mouth, suck it and drink it if you want to relieve the pain,

i sucked on the pipe, slowly the shoe emptied and i felt some relieve, she put the pipe into the other shoe and i also drank that one empty, "good slave" she said my nipples still hurt, it would hurt even more when she takes the clamps off, she looked me in the eyes and removed the first clamp, i screamed, that was beyond the limit, but she sure had to take them off, she now been on the second clamp, i took a deep breath and she took it off, this time i managed without screaming, she was rubbing my nipples, that felt good, my balls still been tied, I started to ask her "how do you know all this......" she stopped me with her cane, gently on my mouth, "don’t talk! you are mine! did you wish to be my slave and did you wish to do all i want?" "yes, but...." "NO BUT!!, did you wish?" she felt into my word squeezing my nipples, the pain brought me back to reality, "Yes Mistress" "good, than we have an understanding" let me go on, "if it pleases you mistress" i replied, "don’t YOU worry what pleases me" her cane hit my ass, "i want to see you in pain"

oh my god she is nuts i thought, how do i get out of that? in the meantime she put black leather cuffs on my wrist and had fixed them above my head on a wooden frame, "open your legs" she put the same leather cuffs on my ankles and fixed them on a chain, i was standing hands above my head secured on a wooden frame and legs spread secured on the same frame by a chain, i hardly could move, she now took weights and put them on the ropes my balls where tied up with, the weight was pulling on my balls, suddenly she removed the weights, "i have a better idea" she said and went out of the room, she came back with a small plastic bucket, maybe 3-5 liter, "i found that in the kitchen" she presented the bucket in front of me, she took a rope and hung the bucket on my balls, "not heavy isn’t it?, hmmm what could we put in there?" "weights?" she hold some of the weights in her hand, "NO, something more exciting" she pulled up her dress, took off her panties and presented her beautiful pussy, she rubbed her panties into my face, "smells good?" and finally pushed them into my mouth, she now been standing right in front of me her body touching mine, my cock pushed upwards between us, she grabbed my ass with her hands and pulled me towards her, she smiled and poured a bottle of beer into the bucket,, by that the weight of the bucket increased and it pulled harder on my balls, she stopped, checked the bucket and my balls, "swing it", "what?" "swing it, swing the bucket" "it’s so heavy mistress" "tooooo baaaaad, i want you to swing it, come on, you wished to be my slave, what’s wrong with you?"

so i swung the bucket, it’s been pulling on my balls, she’s been stroking my hard cock, "you want to cum?" there was no way i could cum with such tied up balls, all pipes inside my cock been blocked, she was now standing in front of me and poured more beer into the bucket, the weight was pulling harder, "swing it" she ordered, i be back in a minute and when i'm back i want to see you swing it, she left the room, i gently tried to swing, that pulled even harder on my balls, she came back with a big glas and ice in it, she took a block of ice and put it on my balls, it felt cool but not really relieved the pain, she now had two blocks of ice on both of my balls, standing in front of me and was gently biting my nipples, well this relieved the pain a bit, but only for a moment, she was biting harder now, my breath was going hard, my balls hurt, my nipples too, she took more ice and also cooled my nipples, "what else would please me?" she looked around the room, ah yes, she brought a candle, light it up and wanted to put hot wax on me, "oh oh oh please, oil first" "what oil" "when we put hot wax we always put oil first this will avoid to burn the skin" "hmmm, ok" after she oiled me she started again with her candle, some wax went on my nipples and some on my ass, some on my balls too,

she really seem to enjoy what she was doing, strange i thought, on one hand so professional and than she did not know about the wax?? well at least she was not complete crazy and listened to me about the wax, her whip brought me out of my thoughts, "how much can you take" she ask "10" i replied, "really?" she been laughing, "yes i can’t take too much pain", "you wished to be my slave and i can do what i want, is it" "Yes Mistress" "so how old are you?" "49" so I give you 49 with that whip, and you will take it?" I counted down from 49, her lashes first easy came harder and harder, i felt the excitement in her and that excited me too, I started to enjoy it, she put the whip aside, "what else do we have?" she was looking around, came back with a cane in her hand, "how much can you take?" she ask again, "4 or 5" I said, "ohhhh only 5?, you disappoint me, you whish to be my slave and tell me you only can take 5 with the cane?" "I shall train you!" "I want 50 at least and you will take it", I looked at her scared of the cane and said nothing, "I can’t hear you??" her cane hit my cock, "Yes Mistress" I quickly replied, so she started with her cane, the strokes been hard, the bucket was pulling on my balls, the pain of the cane….. i was at the end, she felt that she may gone a bit far, she was stroking my cock and gently licked my nipples, that felt good, "you want me to release that bucket from your balls?" "yes please" "you have to earn it" she gave me the same plastic pipe as before, one end in the bucket and the other end in my mouth, "suck it empty!" she ordered, i did, it was hard and slowly, but after some time i felt the weight pulling on my balls less and less, she watched me,

"that made me very horny, i want you to lick me and make me cum", she untied me, i was kneeing in front of her, she was laying on our special black leather chair, her legs on my shoulders, her pussy was wet and tasted sweet, i could smell the warmth of her pussy, i licked gentle, after a while she begun to move and to moan, i was on the right way, she was enjoying it, but she did not cum, sometimes i have the feeling when woman really like it they try to delay their orgasm, i have no prove on that and i have never talked with a woman about that but now i had the feeling she’s delaying it, she did not want to cum but she did not want me to stop either, i was licking faster and i took my hands and stretched her upper pussy, this increases the tension on her clit, she screamed a bit and moved faster, i was licking faster, she started to move in the rhythm of my licking, i tried to synchronize my licking with her movements, she moved faster and suddenly screamed "i cum, don’t stop" i felt her warm, wet cum in my mouth, it tasted sweet, she was shaking, i was licking gentle and slowly now, she was moaning holding my head in her hands, "don’t move, just lick me gentle" i did, it took her a while to get back to normal, my cock was still rock hard, she touched it and stroked it, looked at me and said "you are not allowed to cum!" "WHAT??????" i'm not allowed to cum?" "NO" she turned around and started to put all toys together and to clean up,

i was standing there with a rock hard cock, my balls still tied, "i like it when you on the edge, take me out for dinner be nice to me maybe i change my mind" she smiled, laughed and went for shower, this was ridiculous, but i was curious what else she had in mind, definitely she was a very talented mistress, i obeyed and also went for shower, we got dressed and she got me a collar with the letters "SLAVE" on, than we went for dinner, i was curious to know from where she had all her ideas, jenny told me that she got aroused very much during our talk on the day after the gym, she first felt shy about it but than wanted to know more, she been searching through the internet and been watching many videos about bdsm, she also read some books and stories about it, that all aroused her even more, she liked the idea to be in control and specially to control a man, she hardly could wait for our meeting today but than had second thoughts, that’s why the long talk in the beginning, she had prepared in her mind everything she wanted to say and do over and over again, but been scared and shy, finally the excitement had won and she did what she had planned,

"while playing" she explained "i felt good, i was not shy anymore, i really liked it" "hope you enjoyed it too" "well sure, i was a bit rough but i liked it, except the last part......." jenny smiled, "hmmmm i got this from a story in a book and it made me very horny, that mistress did not let her slave cum, instead she kept him on the edge for another while", "that mistress said it makes her feel she is in control and i wanted to know how that feels" "and" i looked at her, "it feels great, i can see you are soo horny and want to cum so badly but i'm in control and don’t allow you to cum" "it’s sooo hot i'm wet again, after dinner we go back to the dungeon I have a surprise for you" i wanted to finish that now but jenny took her time, by balls still been tied and my cock rock hard i had no much appetite, she was enjoying it, it tried to move in my seat, my cock was rubbing on my trousers, this was easing the excitement a bit, but she was watching me, "don’t rub your cock" she said "i don’t want you to cum right here"

we finished dinner i drove back to the dungeon, while driving she took out my cock and touched it softly, i was about to explode, "don't cum in your car!" she warned me, i hardly could concentrate, back in the dungeon she ordered me to undress, her hands always been softl on my cock stroking it, but only as much to keep me on the edge and not went further, i want you to lick me again, i'm wet and horny she said, jenny was now laying on the sofa her legs spread wide, her pussy was bit hairy i liked that very much, i liked that sweet soft warm smell, i licked her and she liked it, after a while she had a big orgasm,

i hardly could control myself, my balls still tied and my cock rock hard, "sit down, hands behind your back" she ordered and handcuffed me, she stroked my cock, slowly, she seemed to be an expert, just before i was about to cum she stopped, i was on the edge, she done this this a couple of times, got me nearly to cum and suddenly took her hands off, i was about to explode, she again stoked my cock i was about to cum but this time she did not take her hands off, instead she just gentle massaged my cock with one finger, in the same time she put her feet in front of my cock, the moment i was about to cum she took her finger off, i exploded without her doing anything, all my hot cum on her feet and on her black stockings, i was shaking, gasping for air all my muscles been contracting in wild extasy i could not control myself,

she standing in front of me my cum on her feet, slowly she brought her feet up grapping my head pushing it down, "lick it, lick it all slave" i did , grabbing with one hand into my hair she pushed my head up with the other hand she squeezed my nipples, i felt pain, her face was near to mine i could feel her breath, she looked right into my eyes, "did you enjoyed it?

Be careful what you wish for"