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i been on the way to the gym in the bkk BTS, i was mentally preparing my workout, today was chest, i would not have much time, i will have a meeting with the construction guy building our new dungeon house and after that seeing mistress Nickie in our existing dungeon,

i was excited, been away for a business trip for about a week i missed Nikkie, and i missed to receive her punishment, strange i never been into pain, canning and whipping but since i played with Mistress Nikkie i was hungry to receive pain from her,

of course it was painful when she whipped me but it felt good, feeling the pain for a few days it was like a part of Nikkie was with me during my business trips out of country,

still in thoughts the train stopped the door opened and a woman entered, she looked like a figure out of a fairy tale, i couldn’t take my eyes off from her, our eyes met, she smiled, i smiled back, "she know she is beautiful" i thought, still smiling at her, i could not believe she was real,

she was dressed in a brown leather dress which was reaching down just above her knees, her hair color was matching the dress, her hand bag and her shoes too, she looked like out of a mistress journal (don’t know if something like that exist), i couldn’t think anything, still was smiling at her,

tried to get myself together, "nice dress" was all i could say and in the same time hate me for it, "nice dress?.?" she would think i'm an idiot, she smiled "thank you", pointed to my sport bag "going to the gym?" "aehm yes" i was surprised she ask and smiled to her again, "say something nice to her!!" i've told myself, "now!,!" "and you? going to a party? you look great", she blinked with an eye "thank you, kind of a party, yes", "with your boyfriend" i said that before i could think of, "oh my god, how could i ask her about her bf? here in the BTS!?" she was laughing "no not with my boyfriend, just friends" "oh i guess this is gonna be a hot party, the guys must be lucky having you at that party" "i envy them” she smiled again and blinked with an eye,

"be careful what you tell people in the BTS if you don’t know them" i was confused, "what's this supposed to mean?" "you gonna find out soon enough" smiled "nice to talk to you, take care" the door opened and she was out,

what was that? a fata morgana? did i really talk to her or did i day dream? everything looked real in the BTS, it must have been real, sad that i would not see her again, in a city of 12 mio people it would be like a win in the lottery if you meet someone again for coincidence, i went to the gym, over the workout my memories to her slowly faded away, by the time at the meeting with the construction guy for the new dungeon house she was totally out of my thoughts, later i went to our dungeon, i was happy to meet Nikkie and didn’t think at all of the magic woman from the BTS,

Nikkie arrived, as always she looked great, i have the feeling that every time i meet her she looks better and younger, maybe this is because i'm getting deeper and deeper in love with her, Nikkie immediately took control, "how was your day? you been in the gym? how the hell she knew? but it was normal i go to the gym so i didn’t spend any more thoughts about that, "did you miss me?" of course i was missing her, and i was missing her whip, really this is strange to myself but i do, i been looking forward that she whips and cane me and preferable leave marks on me so i can remember her the days when i can't meet her, i've told her that, she was laughing, "be sure after today you will remember me for a while" she is playing well, i liked when we joked and did a bit role play, after all she was my mistress, we had a commitment, i was hers, she owns me and does with me as she wants, i liked that and i liked her in control,

"get undressed and shower" "than get into the play room put your leather arm wrists on -the strong ones -you will need them today, and put leather cuffs on your ankles"

i did and waited, she appeared in her black latex top, short skirt, black stockings and high heels, as always she looked great and gorgeous, saying nothing she fixed my arms spread out on the wooden frame, spread my legs and tied them on the frame, smacked my ass "you are mine!!" "YES Mistress" i answered proudly, "do you always remember that?" that was a question "YES Mistress" i replied, "are you sure?" what was this about? what was she up to?" "YES Mistress" i replied again "hmmmm.... but i'm not so sure about that" squeezing my nipples hard with both hands, "i think you need a bit of a lesson so you will feel and remember me more close" she squeezed my nipples hard "arrrrg" i moaned in pain,

she put clamps on my nipples, the big ones, the chain between the clamps she put into my mouth, that chain is just long enough so i only can take it into my mouth holding my head down, Nikkie been standing in front of me, "look at me, get your head up!" i’ve tried, the chain tightened , the clamps been pulling hard on my nipples, "higher, look me in the eyes!!" i managed a bit higher, the stress and pain on my nipples increased, her cane came under my chin,

"is there anything you want to tell me?" what was that about? i thought, i did nothing, i was on a business trip for a week, really since i had Nikkie i didn’t want any other girl, i was clean, Nikkie is perfect and enough for me, "no" i pressed, "really? nothing to tell me??" "well" i pressed in pain, her cane still under my chin the clamps on my nipples pulling hard, "well, what?" "i missed you a lot" i managed to say holding that chain between my teeth, "i don’t believe you" "i'm going to punish you hard today, with each whip, cane, paddle everything we have here you will get 10 lashes/strokes", "because you have nothing to tell me and because you may scream i will gag you" so she did, it started with a whip and another one and so on, some of these whip are soft, but others really hard, my back and ass started to get warm and to tingle, we went through the whips and she started with the cane, this is most painful, it went on with some paddle, a ping pong paddle and some horse whips, she counted all together 120, i was not aware we had so much different equipment in our dungeon, she released my gag, "anything to say" "Thank you Mistress" i replied "ah good slave, anything else?" i really didn’t get it, why she always ask me that? i was clean, no girls, i really was in love with her, what shall i tell her, i did nothing wrong, i looked puzzled, she now had a wood in her hand, it’s been shaped like a ruler, she hit me with that, "arrrg" that really hurt, "does this hurt?" "YES" i was gasping for air, another stroke, that was on the limit, "come on max, you've taken 120, you can do that" my inner ego was telling me, she hit again, harder this time, "arrrg" i wanted to ignore my inner ego but it was pushing me, "come on take it!!, please her!!"

the secret to take such pain is that you really like the woman who do that to you or better you are in love with her, with Nikkie i was able to stand her pain, and i was glad and proud i did, i thought about the next days, i would feel my ass and that meant i would feel her, i liked that feeling, it's like the muscle pain or pump after a good and hard workout, only much much more exciting, nikkie hit me again with that ruler kind of thing, wow that hurt, "what is our agreement?" another stroke, i'm breathing hard, "i’m YOURS" "GOOD" she hit me again, i wanted to scream "AND....?" "NO other girls, YOU in control" i'm pressing, another hard hit "arrrg, my god"

Nikkie suddenly turns to me "did you say bitch? i heard you?" and another hard stroke on my ass, "no i didn’t say bitch, Nikkie i'm in love with you" "shut up, you said bitch, i heard you" you get punished for that”, and she continued hitting me with that ruler, "I want you always to remember that you are MINE!! my inner ego was pushing me told me to hold on, I did, after a while she stopped, “for today this shall be enough punishment” "so i'm not allowed to cum??" i dared to say, the answer came immediately with another hard stroke and a firm "NO" from Nikkie, "what are you doing tomorrow? i want to see you again tomorrow, i have a surprise for you" "aehm tomorrow, ok, sure i'm happy to see you, when?" "in the evening, we meet here in the dungeon" "good thanks" my ass hurt, i went home and dreamed of Nikkie, i could feel her with me, it felt good,

the next day evening i was in time at the dungeon, i set up the lights, candles, i was curious what her surprise would be, Nikkie arrived with her friend, i knew that woman, but she was not a mistress, i was disappointed, was this her surprise? she didn't want to bring that woman for play? before i could say anything Nikkie was in control, "come on, we go out for dinner, you know my friend, is it ok if she comes with us? later on she will take a taxi going home”, i was relieved, sure was it ok if her friend came with us for dinner, i was ready and jumped in her car, we had dinner, dropped her friend off and i drove back to the dungeon, on the way Nikkie opened the zipper of my jeans, "just checking" i was wearing no underwear and my cock started to get hard in her hands "concentrate on the road!!" she ordered, that was easy to say but not easy to do, that was Nikkie and she was stroking my cock,

arriving at the dungeon Nikkie jumped out of the car "you forgot to lock the door" she was yelling, was i? i was sure i had locked, but of course with all that excitement i could be, i didn’t waste any thoughts, as Nikkie had promised a surprise i was curious to know what this would be, or had her surprise may entered through that alleged open door…..?? i expected something exciting to be happen tonight, "get shower , naked and wait me in the play room" Nikkie could be so cold sometimes, but that was part of her game and play to be a mistress, i did what i've been told,

Nikkie fixed me up the same as the day before, arms spread upwards, legs spread, i expected another whipping, she put a hood over my head, i could see nothing, i heard the door, someone entered the room, oh that’s the surprise, another mistress, i thought and was curious, the cane hit me hard, "last chance for you, do you want to tell me something??" another stroke with the cane "answer me!!" i had no clue what she was talking about, i was clean, no other girls, i felt someone squeezing my nipples and put clamps on, the one with the chain, Nikkie took the hood off and i had to take that chain into my mouth, i bowed down my head to avoid pulling on the chain, “get your head up" Nikkies cane moved under my chin and pushed, the clamps been pulling on my nipples,

than i saw HER, SHE was standing right in front of me, the mysterious woman from the BTS, she was dressed in a black leather dress, high heels and smiled at me the same way as this morning, the chain dropped out of my mouth, Nikkie gave me a hard stroke with the cane for that and put it back into my mouth, “oh my god” now i knew what Nikkie was talking about, i had broken the rules, i belonged to her but had spoken to that woman in the BTS, "NOW, do you have anything to say ??" Nikkie was pissed or she was playing to be pissed i was not sure, i could not say anything, just been starring at the beautiful mysterious woman, the perfect mistress, Nikkie seemed to read my thoughts, she always could read me, “WHO is your MISTRESS?? WHO is it you belong to?" "YOU Mistress" i was quick to reply, "well at least you remember that now, so why not yesterday morning in the BTS??", “what shall we do with him?" nikkie ask "hot wax on his sore ass will make him feel and remember you for a while" mysterious woman suggested,

Nikkie untied my hands, i had to bent forward, Nikkie been sitting on a chair her legs crossed, "you will suck my feet and toes while she pour hot wax on you" i braced for impact of the wax, it came and it was hot, my ass was aching from the canings and whippings the day before and now the hot wax, i was sucking Nikkies toes in ecstasy while mysterious woman was pouring hot wax over my ass and my back, it was as they enjoyed it sooo much they did not stop, i was exhausted, i had wax sometime before but not as much as this, my whole ass and half of my back was covered, again the secret to stand that pain is that a beautiful or in this case mysterious woman do that to you, man like to impress and therefore try to stand the pain, but i was on the edge now, i don’t know how much longer i could hold on when they stopped,

"this shall do for the moment", "get up, your hands behind your back!” Nikkie ordered and mysterious woman tied up my hands, she did it fast and efficient, i could feel she had experience, shit, she was a mistress i thought, probably knew Nikkie and had told her about our conversation in the BTS, "on your back!" Nikkie brought me out of my thoughts, "we gonna try something special with you, she brought a leather case, i knew that case, it held several metal probes which to be inserted into the hard cock, the probes have different size diameter and been about 30cm long, i had not done this before, "which one shall we take?" Nikkie was searching through the probes, mysterious woman was stroking my cock, "some of the bigger ones?" she was teasing me, than selected one with normal size put some KY jelly into my cock and started to insert the probe,

i felt not much, after about 15 cm in it did hurt, i was moaning, she took the probe out fit more KY and insert it again, this time i managed to stand it the whole length in, she tried with some other probes, it was not really feeling nice but I wanted to please Nikkie so i hold on to stand it "good, i'm proud of you" Nikkie was satisfied, mysterious woman smiled, they blindfold me, Nikkie was sitting above my head, played with my nipples, someone stroked my cock and put a condom on, what’s now going to happen? I felt someone was climbing on me, she took my cock in her hand and pushed it in her pussy, now sitting on me fucking me and riding my cock,

Nikkie was playing my nipples, i still was tied up, they rape me, i thought and was aroused by the idea? was that mysterious woman who raped me?, i could not believe it, she was a mistress it must have been someone else, so that was Nikkies surprise, i gave myself in and enjoyed the ride, the girl sitting on me seemed to enjoy it too, she was moaning and increased her movements, i was near to come but tried to hold on, we ended having both a great orgasm, Nikkie took off my blindfold, mysterious girl was watching us, Nikkie smiled, the girl who was riding me still sitting on my cock, she was young, 20 i assumed,

"Thank you Mistress" i looked up to Nikkie, well that was a great surprise, but i was curious to know about mysterious woman, Nikkie untied me and explained that she knew her before from another dungeon, they met from time to time and Nikkie had shown her some picture of me, this morning in the BTS mysterious woman immediately had recognized me, she later on had called Nikkie to tell her about, Nikkie than instantly had the idea to play with her to punish me, the girl who was riding my cock was a switch/slave girl who mysterious woman had brought with her, Nikkie was now standing in front of me both hands squeezing hard on my nipples "hope your ass will hurt a while, always remember who is your Mistress and do NOT talk to other woman, especially in the BTS when they dressed looking like a mistress"

"Yes MISTRESS" i’m glad and happy i had Nikkie