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It was Saturday and we had a small party,
some friends, we did some BBQ and had some drinks, non of these friends been into bdsm, some knew about our "other live" some not,

and there was this girl, Claudia, she looked like a “barbie doll”, perfect body, sweet smile, she came with one of Nikkies friends we did not really know her, the evening went on and I found Nikkie talking to Claudia, "she wants to see the playroom" Nikkie whispered in my ear "but not now, wait til they are all gone home"
i imagined Claudia in the playroom and Nikkie immediately red my mind "don't get excited, you are mine" "yes Nikkie I’m yours", “Good” Nikkie whispered and squeezed my nipples,

shortly after midnight our guest went home, Claudia stayed but nobody really noticed, "go prepare the playroom!" Nikkie “signalled” and i hurried upstairs, put up the room, light the candle, dimmed the light to a comfortable level and played some music,
Nikkie and Claudia arrived, Claudia was not shy, she’s been looking around "wow, that’s exciting" she went to the shelf with all the fancy clothes "can i put them on?"
both of them Nikkie and Claudia had some drinks before, me too, Nikkie get's excited with drinks and "sure yes let’s try these on" Nikkie encouraged Claudia, "wait us outside" Nikkie ordered and with that i was dismissed,

Nikkie seemed she had decided for girls talk with Claudia instead of playing tonight, i didn't know how wrong i was and frustrate i went downstairs to clean up a bit and get me another vodka-tonic,
after a while Nikkie called "can you get us both a glass of red wine" i did and with the red wine i went up to the playroom, both girls standing there in a beautiful and sexy dress, Nikkie with a black dress with ribbons on, the dress so short showing her long legs,
Claudia been in a black dress too her breast barely covered and her “barbie doll” legs looked incredible wearing high heels, the girls hugging each other when i came in,

Nikkie smiled, "Claudia here is excited, she wants to see how we play" i was surprised, "cheers the girls clinking glasses" a nip from the wine and they been hugging again, Claudia kissed Nikkie on her mouth, i was watching, another sip from the wine, this time Nikkie pulled Claudia over to her and both girls start kissing each other in hot ecstasy, i felt a bit in the wrong place, i knew Nikkie liked girls but i had not expected something like this, the girls finished their kiss, "get your clothes off, we want to see naked" Nikkie ordered, both girls been laughing and been kissing each other, i was aroused, all possible scenarios went through my head, does she want to play? does she want to play me with Claudia? does she maybe want me to have sex with both of them? i was in a kind of overwhelming ecstasy seeing these 2 girls kissing and been ordered to get my clothes off,

Nikkie’s cane got me back into reality, her stroke hit me out of the blue, "get your clothes of i said" both girls laughing and giggeling, hugging each other and kissing again, "get your leather hand cuffs on" Nikkie ordered and i did,
Nikkie fixed me standing inside the wooden frame arms spread up, the playroom is connected to the bedroom and i was facing the bedroom with the bed,
Nikkie and Claudia standing in front of me "you can touch him if you want" Nikkie was teasing Claudia, “here play his nipples this makes me horny” Nikkie was playing my nipples and Claudia joined in, i got hard, Claudia could not resist to touch my cock, she played it well and i was about to explode, "hey not so fast, let him hold it, don’t make him cum, he's got to do a big job tonight"

Nikkie was grinning and kissed Claudia, the girls went on to play my nipples, Nikkie brought a whip and a cane and showed Claudia how these work, than Claudia tried, both of them did not hit too hard so i was good to take it, Nikkie explained about the mouth gag, the clamps, she dropped hot wax on me and showed Claudia the dildo and strap on but lucky me did not try them on me, the girls had fun playing with me like a puppet, always hugging and kissing each other,

after a while they got bored with me and started to play on each other, it started with a long kiss standing right in front of me, than Nikkie pulled Claudia to the bed, still kissing they stripped their clothes of each other, starting now to kiss their nipples, Nikkie was on top of Claudia she kissed her mouth, her neck, her nipples, i could hear Claudia moaning, she really liked it, than Nikkie went down on Claudia’s pussy, i could see she was shaved, Nikkie been licking Claudia’s pussy and Claudia was in hot ecstasy, she was moaning and moving,

I been standing tied up in the frame just 2m away from the girls and had to watch, i could not play myself i only could watch, i was rock hard but the girls don't even noticed it, now Claudia was on top of Nikkie, she's been sucking her nipples, Nikkie was screaming, than Claudia went down to Nikkie’s pussy, Nikkie was moving and moaning and she had an orgasm, they now been laying in their arms hugging and kissing each other, i was watching in awe,

Nikkie got up from the bed came to me hugging me and kissed me, "now it’s your turn" she untied my hands and took the leather cuffs off, pulled me into the bed "you like to play “barbie doll" Nikkie pushed me onto Claudia "go on have her, make her cum" Nikkie put a condom on me, i was rock hard and right over Claudia, slowly i went into the “barbie doll”, oh she was tied, i did not want to hurt her, but Claudia seemed to like it, she start to moan and to move, i was moving faster, Nikkie played my nipples and hit my ass, "don't cum!!, i'm here too, i want you too!!"

oh shit i was to have sex with the “barbie doll” but was not supposed to cum because Nikkie wanted me too, that was a challenge, Nikiie was sucking on Claudia’s nipple and i was fucking her, that’s a hot scenario, thanks i had some drinks before otherwise i would not have “hold it”, Claudia was moaning, moving and screaming, her body was shaking having a big orgasm, slowly i pulled out of her,

Nikkie was all aroused by the situation, she pulled me over kissing me, i felt her legs open, she pulled the condom off and i went into her wet pussy, now Nikkie was moaning, with one arm she hugged me and with the other she hugged Claudia, Nikkie’s hand went down to Claudia’s tied ass, Claudia now over her, both girls aroused and excited been kissing each other and playing their nipples, Nikkie screamed and i felt her hot cum, her breath was racing, Claudia still gently kissing and touching her, i was excited too, all 3 of us now laying on the bed the 2 girls next to me i'm in the middle,

"let's make him cum" Nikkie got up went to the shelf and got some rope, "here tie him up" she gave Claudia the ropes, they put ropes on my wrist and ankles than tied me arms and legs spread on the bed, i hardly could move, Nikkie kissed me, Claudia played my nipples, slowly Claudia went down between my legs sucking my cock, Nikkie still kissing me and with her hands playing my nipples, i was rock hard, Claudia seemed to be an expert sucking my cock but always when i was near to cum she stopped and could not cum, she was playing with me, this went on a while and finally Claudia let me cum, it was like an explosion, my body was shaking, my heart racing,

Claudia released my cock from her mouth and grabbed it with her hand, this is just crazy she played my sensitive cock just after i had an orgasm, i screamed but Nikkie put her hand over my mouth, she was laughing and was pleased that Claudia teased me like that, i was shaking and moving but i could do nothing i was at the mercy of the 2 girls,
after a while Claudia let go, the girls kissed each other and untied me,

Claudia went home, Nikkie and me finally went to bed, i was hugging Nikkie "thank you Nikkie for the exciting night, you are the best mistress, friend, partner and girl friend”
" i love you Nikkie"

we fall asleep, i was dreaming about Nikkie and Claudia punish me…,
but this is another story......