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Our dungeon is located in a private “play house with living room, bedroom, kitchen of of course the “red room of pain” / “playroom.

Sessions can be arranged on short notice however we prefer you give us notice a few days before. This helps to prepare and arrange for an unforgettable experience.

Our rates are:

1 hour session with one (1) Mistress = 5.000,- THB

1 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 7.000,- THB

2 hour with one (1) Mistress = 6.000,- THB

2 hour with two (2) Mistress = 8.000,- THB

3 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 9.000,- THB

4 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 12.000,- THB

6 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 14.000,- THB

12 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 19.000,- THB
24 hour session with two (2) Mistress = 24.000,- THB

For brown shower it's 1.000,- thb extra

for the Mistress/Switch who do it.

For slave Girl it's 1.000,- thb extra per 3hrs

for the Girl who Play the slave Girl.

These are final rates, there are no other extra charges.
Our rates are fixed we don't bargaining!!

we don't accept credit cards or cheques
we accept US$, Euro, and Thai Baht only

Our playhouse and dungeon is available for rent.

Line:    bestbdsminbangkok

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