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(Mistress Nikkie early day’s)

i met her in a club, been out with some friends just having some beer, she was with her friends too, smiling and laughing on the table next to us, wow she looked hot, i could not get my eyes off from her, my friends been teasing me "hey max, that’s too obvious!!

i was dreaming, she still was smiling, i wanted to talk to her but had second thoughts, it took all my courage,  "how are you? " "good and you?" i still was dreaming, she smiled "say something my inner voice told me", "you look great" she looked puzzled, oh what an idiot i am, she was laughing, "tell me something i don’t know"

“what an arrogant bitch” i thought, but she had that sweet smile, "i'm Max" "that’s something, i'm Nikkie, nice to meet you"

"nice to meet you too" her friends been watching us and measuring me, she introduced her friends Anny, Claudia, Jenny, "we meet every friday to talk" it’s a bit like the girls from sex and the city" they all been laughing, "oh sorry i don’t want to disturb" i wanted to pull out, "you don’t disturb at all” Anny was pulling me closer, “Nikkie” here just finished with her bf, we just thought about how to get her a new one and there you are….. Nikkie likes guys with muscles who go to the gym, she goes to the gym too, seems you be the right guy" Anny grinned, Nikkie blushed, "that’s enough Anny" , "hey come on Nikkie, he seems to be a nice guy, give him a chance!!"  

that gave me confidence "yes Nikkie give me a chance!!" she looked at me, wow she was hot, firm body, i could see her muscles, "how about i show you my gym tomorrow and we do a workout together" I suggested,

i'm a member in one of the city’s biggest gym so i was sure she would like it, she seemed to consider it, "why not, sure, tomorrow at noon at your gym," "see you than"

on the next day in the gym we had a great workout, she always did cardio but was happy i showed her some weight training, after that we went for dinner, we had some wine and Nikkie became talkative, somehow we ended up to talk about "fifty shades of grey" and how exciting Nikkie found the book, she explained to me that the book was about BDSM, "wow BDSM – what’s that?" i pretend, Nikkie tried to explain, she sure had read the book but "fifty shades….." is more a love story than about BDSM, "hmmmm i grinned at her, i have a surprise for you" “what’s that?”

i want to show you something, you might be excited about"

"are you free tonight" "yes sure" "than lets go"

"to where?" " to see the surprise"

i took Nikkie to our house, downstairs we have a nice living room, kitchen, office space and a small gym, "you live here?" Nikkie ask "yes" i smiled, "red wine?" yes pls "cheers" - "cheers"' "

now what’s the surprise?" "give me a minute”, i went up to the play room, prepared lights, candles, set up the room, went back downstairs, "you ready?”

i let Nikkie upstairs into the master bedroom, one wall is all a big mirror, the mirror is made as a sliding door and as I move the mirror there is a big wooden door the entrance into the play room,

Nikkie was stunning, "WOW" "the red room of pain, something like this really exist and I thought that’s only in the book”, “well, we had it before Mr Grey even thought about his fifty shades” I was laughing,

“welcome - pls come in" slowly Nikkie went into the room looking around, the wooden frame with all the hooks and chains, the black real leather massage bed, all the whips, cane, toys, she looked not scared, she rather seemed excited, "wow" was her reaction again, "can we play here?"

now i was surprised, she wanted to play? “aehm sure Yes,  the room is made to play”

"i read about something like that in books and saw it in films but i never seen it in real" "what films?" i been teasing her, "oh i like to watch these movies, she grinned at me" there it was her killer smile,

and “there is a secret live in every one of us”, schoolgirl, professor, doctor, accountant or whoever, they all have a secret fantasy, and they all around us, people who be turned on by BDSM play,

"you played before?" I ask "no - but i always been dreaming of – hahahaha……”

“but who to talk to? they all consider it dirty sex"

"well not all" I smiled and grinned at her,

Nikkie was sitting at the wooden chair, legs spread and arms to,

she smiled "you want to tie me up like this?" she teased,

she looked me in the eyes and said nothing, slowly i started to put rope around her wrist and arms to tie her on the chair, careful and gently, she said nothing, she let it go, i tied up her other arm and her legs, she now was completely fixed on that chair, i could hear her breathing hard and exciting, gently i kissed her mouth, her ears, she let it go and started to moan,

“you ok?” I ask “don’t ask do as you like I’m yours” she said with low voice,

i kissed her neck, opened her shirt, she did not protest, she wanted it, i kissed her nipples, licked them gentle and massaged them, Nikkie was moaning, down i went with my tongue between her legs, that chair is made for cbt so there is a big gap and your legs are spread, i smelled Nikkies sweet and warm pussy, gentle i licked her panties, pulled them aside and felt the warm of her wet pussy, oh she was wet, licking her pussy made her moaning even more, i teased her a while than stopped, "you like it?" "yes, a lot" "it’s a fantasy to be tied up and been played with"

"what do you want me to do?" "don’t ask, play me, use me, use your fantasy!" Nikkie whispered, “start gentle but i want it rough later on”, “rough??” i'm not much into treat girls rough!!”,

"do it for me" Nikkie whispered, she still was tied up,

she wanted to be played and used so fine, i opened her dress a bit more and played with her tits, kissing her nipples and lick them, i took one of the big dildo and slowly put it into her pussy, she was so wet it did not need lubricant, Nikkie was moaning, i secured the dildo with tape so it could not move out and switched on the vibrating function,

than i climbed on the chair, standing in front of her, my hard cock right in her face, "take it"! i demand and i pushed it in her mouth, she took it all in slowly, she was an expert, i pushed it deeper, she wanted it rough, ok, but I worried about her, "are you ok?"

she signalled a YES with her head and a moaning "go on" which now made me more exciting, so i been fucking her mouth, gagging her, lots of spit and saliva went out her mouth, all on her dress and into her beautiful breast,

i pushed deeper into her mouth gagging her, she took it, after a while i let go, i was not sure if i was allowed to cum into her mouth so i better did not, i licked all her saliva and spit from her dress, Nikkie was moaning and said nothing, " are you ok?" I’ve ask,

"yes, that was exciting" i dreamed of something like that, but never dared to ask anyone, i enjoyed to be used and fucked”

i untied Nikkie, i thought that would be enough for the moment, i could see marks from the rope on her skin, we had another glass of wine, we talked and I explained to her that I’m more submissive than dominant, that means girls tie me up, play me and punish me in that room, Nikkie listened “interesting” she finally said, all was good and I was looking forward to a nice vanilla sex to conclude the evening…….(after all she had my cock already in my mouth….)

I was still dreaming when Nikkie suddenly jumped on me, she had a cane in her hand and hit me hard, right out of the blue, "get on your knees you piece of shit" she demanded, i was a bit slow and for that i received another stroke, that stung, she pulled my head up and looked into my eyes, "i gona punish you for what you did to me"

"but you wanted it" for an answer i received another blow with her cane, god she was hitting hard, "get your handcuffs on, hands up, spread your arms and legs, and in no time she tied me into the wooden frame, i was naked from before, Nikkie walking around me, "did you enjoy to use me?" "you say you submissive and still you did that to me"

"you ask for it" "shut up" another blow with her cane, ooochhh, "do you complain?" Nikkie was right on me, "no" another stroke, "no - what? another stroke even harder

"No Mistress, i don’t complain"

"ah, you know how to talk to a mistress and how to behave"

"Yes Mistress"

"did you enjoy to use me?" her cane dangerously hovering around, "Yes Mistress"

"good, at least you honest, but i will punish you anyway" 50 strokes -    count"

i start to count, her strokes came hard but bearable, "hmmm some nice marks, you will remember me"

“Yes Mistress" Nikkie now tied up my balls, another 50 on your balls, 25 each, she did that with a wooden spoon, while she hit my balls she was either playing my nipples or playing my cock, that got me hard,

she was teasing me   "do you want to cum" "yes mistress"

"earn it!!" lick me, Nikkie untied me and laid on the chair, i'm in front of her, the smell of her warm, sweet and wet pussy really turned me on,

i was licking her pussy, her cane hit my back, "hey hey hey we start on my toes, suck my toes and i tell you when i allow you to get closer to my pussy" i sucked her toes, from time to time her cane hit me, but not hard, she was horny now and did not want to hit hard, "lick my legs slowly up to my knees" " yes" “now inside my legs closer to my pussy - i want to feel your wet tongue - lick me around my pussy - not inside yet - oh yes - slowly like that - now lick me - suck it - lick me deep inside - i want to feel your tongue deep inside - stop! – don’t make me cum! - fuck me i want to feel you deep inside me”,

she spread her legs and i went deep inside her wet pussy, she grabbed my ass her nails went into my skin, she scratched her nails all over my back deep inside my skin, i kissed her cheeks, her neck and her ears, she was in hot ecstasy, after a while she pushed me away, "lick me and make me cum"

kneeing in front of her i did the best i could, her pussy and ass was moving, she pushed it into my mouth a shockwave went through her body she’s been screaming, i taste her sweet cum and licked her gentle, "come up and hug me" we laid in arms of each other, but i was still hard, she felt it too, opened her legs and let me inside her warm pussy, she played my nipples while i slowly and gentle fucked her "don’t cum inside me" she whispered, “i want to see you cum - shoot your cum on my tits - i want you to lick it clean"

i was really hot now and near to cum, she played my nipples i tried to hold it but it was too late, in last minute i managed to pull out and shot my cum all over her body and tits, "wow that’s a lot - now lick it for me" she pushed my head down and i licked her all clean, "i like that, i never had a guy doing that for me, that was exciting" she smiled we fall in a deep sleep hugging each other,


morning light woke me up, Nikkie still next to me........
and i realized
I’m in Love with Nikkie…..



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