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Tied up all night and Roses for Breakfast.

mistress nikkie always likes to explore and try new things, one day she came with the idea to tie me up while she's going out to organise a few things concerning her work and business, i would be alone in her home waiting complete tied up on her bed, helpless,if nikkie has an idea she's excited and can’t wait too long, i was ordered on a friday evening to nikkies home, for her enjoyment nikkie tied up my balls, i had to stand my legs spread and nikkie kicked my balls, this really hurts and i can’t imagine that this can be healthy, it even causes head ache, but if it pleases nikkie...... 

she brought a pack of red chillie opened 2 of them and rubbed them on my balls, this hurts too, it's like a burning, we've done this several times, nikkie likes when i can feel her, i was to take the pain and not allowed to wash my balls neither to shower this evening, thus to keep the burning lasting as long as possible, with that of course i did not sleep much that night, nikkie next to me was excited seeing and feeling me in pain, with time the burning ceased and i finally fall into sleep, dreaming of a red hot chillie turning into nikkie………. 

in the morning nikkie was in the mood to have sex, her excitement through the night made her ending in a great orgasm and myself too, of course i was in love with nikkie and she with me, we play bdsm but both of us also needs thier kissing and huggins and we enjoy that too, after breakfast nikkie was back to be a strict mistress,

she ordered me to get naked and on the bed, with the rope she had prepared before nikkie "fixed" me on the bed, legs and arms spread, i could not move, she was pleased, sitting on me nikkie was digging her long black painted fingernails into my chest, scratching them down my belly into my balls, she loves cbt and squeezed my balls, scratched them with her long black painted fingernails always on the edge and on the limit to cause a pain which is just bearable for me, nikkie got herself into trance digging and scratching her long nails all over my body, playing my nipples soft and suddenly squeeze them hard, she bites me into my chest, shoulder and arms, this biting really hurts but nikkie  likes to bite, i love to feel her and to please her to i try to take the pain as good as i can, after a while nikkie had enough, it was time for her to go out, she kissed me gently, squeezed my nipples and gently hit my balls, "stay here" and she was out,  

exhausted from the night and the exciting morning i dozed away and fall in a deep sleep, after some time i woke up, of course i still was tied up, i did not know what time it was and how long i had sleped, nikkie was not back yet, i listened to all possible noise outside but nikkie was nowhere, i start to get uncomfortable and my main problem was i needed to pee, the urge for going to pee increased more and more, but there was nothing i could do, just to wait for nikkie, finally she came, it turned out she was away for 2 hours because she had lost her mobile phone in a taxi and had to get it back,  

nikkie inspected my balls and squeezed them hard, they been tied up for more than 2 hours and turned purple by now, this is how nikkie like them, her fingernails been digging deep into the skin of my balls, i was screaming but nikkie did not stop she enjoyed it, and she enjoyed to see me in pain,  i needed to go pee so badly but nikkie had other plans "hold it, i want you to make me cum, than i let you go" she now was sitting on me and pushed her pussy right into my face, i like that warm smell of her pussy, that got me hard and eased the need for pee a bit, nikkie was riding my face, I was tied up, she virtually was raping me, she enjoyed the moment i did my best and she finally ended in an orgasm, all her juice in my mouth and on my face, i was to lick her clean and finally she untied me and i was allowed to use the bathroom, that was a relieve too although not as good as an orgasm........

nikkie grinned she had more for me..........back in her room she tied me up again, sitting on me she was scratching my body with her fingernails digging deep scars into my skin marking her territory,  i'm hers and she owes me, this is the agreement we have, nikkie blindfolds me "i dont want you to see what i will do with you" she announced, with that the world around me went black, this is double exciting, tied up, blind fold and a crazy mistress who gets excited by inflicting pain, i was waiting what would come, nikkie started slow, she played my cock and played my nipples, this almost made me cum but nikkie was watching it, she stopped right on the edge i had 2 almost orgasm, this is like you want to cum but right on the edge it’s called back, i was really horny now and moaning,  nikkie was hitting my balls with a wooden stick and with a leather swatter, 50 times each, i had to count, some came hard some soft, i made it through all but start to sweat now, for a while nikkie went away,

suddenly i felt a burning pain on my chest, hot wax, it hit me out of the blue and i was screaming, nikkie did not really care, she continued  to drop wax on my chest and nipples, because i was tied up I had to take it, she went down dropping wax on my belly and lower body, the skin there is sensitive this really hurts, than went on to her favourite - dropping wax on my balls covering all my balls with hot wax,  nikkie stopped, she played my cock to get it hard, "hold still i want to make it perfect"  i know what this meant, how wax on the tip of my cock and not only that but into my pee hole, i felt she was holding my cock trying to open my pee hole with 2 finger as good as she could, than i felt that stinging pain right on the tip of my cock going into my pee hole as a lighting would strike, i creamed but i hold still and nikkie droped all the hot wax on and into my cock,  

nikkie was proud of her creation, she took my blindfold off, "look it's covered with wax and i closed your pee hole" she presented my cock in her hands and smiled, i love her for that smile, "i want you to cum like this" and she was playing my cock and licking my nipples, i was on the edge, the smell of nikkie next to me, she playing my cock und licking my nipples did the rest, it took not long and i had an exciting orgasm, it was like an explosion of an volcano, the pressure of my cum blasted the wax away, exhausted i sunk back into the pillow, nikkie next to me hugging and kissing me, for this i love her, a strict mistress and a gentle loving woman,  (i love you nikkie)  nikkie untied me, in the afternoon we went to our dungeon, there we have a fully equipped play room and a bed room for over night stay, all is laid out to play bdsm, both of us been excited, nikkie had tied up my balls before we left home,

while i was driving she played my cock and squeezed my balls, she loved to do that,  at the dungeon nikkie ordered me to get naked, she want to whip me today, i'm not really into canning and whipping and much pain but if it pleases nikkie i had to stand it, standing she tied me up on a wooden frame, arms spread and legs too, she could walk around me, her cane in here hand she was teasing me rubbing her cane onto my body,  "how much can you take? hmmm let's see my favorite number is 50, 25 on each side of your ass" so she started, "count it" i did,

some of her strokes came really hard, i made it to 50, next was the whip, 50, this is bearable, and next comes the horse whip, this is painful, that whip have a small wire on the end which causes pain and leaves marks on your skin, 50 with the horse whip i was exhausted, nikkie enjoyed what she was doing, her black painted fingernails been digging into my skin, on chest and back, nikkie was in ecstasy and had a squirting orgasm digging her fingernails even deeper into my skin, i screamed but this excites nikkie even more, after a while she let go, both of us exhausted nikkie untied me,

hugging and kissing we fall on the bed had great sex and fell into a deep sleep hugging each other,  we woke up after 2 hours it was late afternoon by now, both hungry we went to a restaurant nearby after that to a pub and had a few drinks, nikkie had me wearing my slave collar a leather collar with the letters "slave" on it, i enjoyed to wear that, i was hers and and there was no reason not to show this even in public,

back home in the dungeon i was to be tied on the bed to be there tied up the whole night, that was nikkies idea, i was skeptic, what if i needed to pee? she said i would pee in a bottle, hmm, i could not really imagine how this supposed to work but nikkie is the mistress and i had to follow her,  and i did, so she tied me up on the bed, legs and arms spread, i could move a bit but not much, sure i was comfortable for the moment, a soft bed and pillow and the warm body of nikkie next to me, nikkie kissed me good night teased me a bit but than went quiet and felt in sleep,

i dozed of but not for long, even in that comfortable bed i started to feel uncomfortable, my nose start to itch but i could not scratch it, unbelievable when you tied up, my muscle began to contract, i wanted to stretch but i could not, the neight passed by and my situation became more uncomfortable, there was not much sleep that night for me, at arround 4 in the morning nikkie came aware of my situation, she woke up kissed me and teased me, playing my cock kissing my nipples she knows i love that,  and of course she started to squeeze my balls, because i needed to pee badly nikkie untied me and let me use the bathroom, only for a few minutes and i was back on the bed tied up, nikkie sitting on me and demanded "lick me and make me cum!!!!" i did what she ask for i still was half asleep but nikkie was riding my face and she enjoyed it, after a while she ended with a great orgasm,  but this was only to turn her on,

she blindfold me, i felt nikkie inspecting my balls they still been tied up and turned purple - blueisch by now, the rope cut deep into the skin around my balls and cock specially when i got hard, that was the problem, the harder i got the more tider the rope cut into my skin,  but nikkie was playing me well and the pain of that rope biting into the soft skin around my cock and balls increased, that was part of nikkies torture, she's been digging her long nails into my balls and scratching them leaving marks, i felt something soft touching my body, cold but soft, i assumed that must be the roses the bought the other day, she's been gently touching and moving these roses over my body, a nice feeling – but this was nikkie!! nikkie does not do nice feelings,

i felt a thorn of the roses  "hooking" into my skin, nikkie pulled the roses with their thorns over my skin on my chest and belly and been scratching it with the thorns, not long i felt the same on my balls, the thorn cut into my skin on and arround my balls, it was like small spikes, some where ok, some hurt, playing my cock that rope on my balls been cutting into my skin, plus nikkies roses been scratching my balls, i started to get noisy but nikkie just pressed some of her dress on my mouth to shut me up and continued,  she stopped, hugging and kissing me, this is nikkie and i love her for that, she likes to inflict pain but in the same time she is gentle and gives care and love, pleasure and pain the perfect combination while playing bdsm, after a while of kissing and hugging nikkie went of me, for a while i could not feel her at all, i was worried and my worries came true, a stinging pain on my chest brought me out of my dreams and back to reality, hot wax again....... i was totally surprised “god nikkie its 5 in the morning and you put hot wax on me!!!!!!!”"yes because i want you to feel me, don’t you want to feel me?" and she continued to pure that wax on my body, sure i wanted to feel her, "i love to feel you nikkie" i told her, was blindfold but i imagined her smile, i love that smile of her, and the drops of hot wax went down my belly onto my balls, "thats enough for the moment" nikkie suddenly announced,

she gently put a blanket over me came back to bed hugging and kissing me, i was exhausted and dozed of nikkie sleeping in my arms, i was happily in love with her, daylight woke me up, i still was tied up, nikkie next to me, i felt she was arroused and horny, seeing me tied up turned her on i knew, just hugging and kissing me she climbed on me, rubbing her body against mine, this was hot, i felt her wet pussy, nikkie was now sitting on me and pushed her pussy into my mouth, she was raping me again, i like the idea of been raped by a beautiful woman that always was and is my fantasy, nikkie was in ecstasy now she's been sliding down my body and was sitting on my cock now, riding my cock and squeezing my nipples i was near to cum, but of course i was never allowed to cum without nikkies permission, she can read my mind "dont cum!!!!!!" she demanded, i been doing my best, nikkie riding my cock and enjoyed it i prayed for an orgasm for her i could not hold it any longer,

finally her body been shaking she screamed and she had her orgasm, i was excited to, moving from my cock onto my face she pressed her hot and wet pussy into my mouth "lick it all" she demanded, i liked that.....   nikkie untied me, get shower, shave and get ready i'm hungry we go for breakfast!"

but what about me?" i dared to ask, "what about you?" nikkie had her hands on my nipples looked me in the eyes and start to squeeze but not much yet, this encouraged me to ask further "i like to cum too" but soon i realised my mistake, "you want to cum too?" nikkie squeezed my nipples hard, i been breathing hard, but did hold and stand it,

her leg kicked me between my legs in my balls which still been tied, pain rushed into my body i wanted to get on my knees but nikkie was holding onto my nipples, still looking me into the eyes, "who is your mistress?" "YOU nikkie" "so who decides when you allowed to cum?" "YOU nikkie" "that means you know, why than asking stupid questions?" she’s been squeezing my nipples beyond the limit, but than let go, been hugging me and kissing, "i like to keep you on the edge, you not allowed to cum this morning"

i hate that but she's the mistress and i had to obey her, that is the deal we have, i was happy with that, sure I’m complaining some time but i always like what she's been doing to me,

i'm in love with Nikkie