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i been on my way home from office, i was early today and my Mistress Nikkie called she would be home soon too, I was happy in Love with her and excited to see her,

I arrived home and found Nikkie dressed in black stockings, high heels a red skirt and a black leather top, wow that looked promising, she was in the mood to play, I said nothing, I knew Nikkie did not like it when I talked about to play she wants to surprise me, so I let it go,

we had something to eat and we talked about general things, her work my work, I was curious what she would have in mind, why did she wait for so long?? She was dressed as she wanted to play but did not make a move, but this was Nikkie you never knew what is coming,

the door bell rang, “oh that’s my friend” she went to open the door, I was more excited than ever, another girl, wow, Nikkie really surprises me sometimes, we have an agreement, I honour her love and do not sneak out with other girls behind her back but sometimes she brings another girl into the session, she controls the girl while we are playing, I’m complete in love with Nikkie and would not even need another girl but sure yes I admit it’s exciting,

Nikkie introduced her friend, “Nicole” was her name, she was tall a real beauty, would Nicole join our play tonight......?

“don’t star at her, give her something to drink and get out of your clothes we want to see you naked”
that was Nikkie always in control, I opened a bottle of red wine, of course only 2 glasses, I would drink from Nikkies mouth if she allow me to drink at all,

“open your mouth” Nikkie took a mouthful of red wine and slowly gave it to me, gently she kissed my mouth, “you gona get a big surprise tonight” she grinned at Nicole, I was not sure if this meant good or bad to me but I managed a smile too, Nikkie brought my brown leather dog collar and put it around my neck, she fixed a chain on it “come on” and dragged me to the playroom,

I was to knee down and wait, Nicole appeared, she had changed her clothes, wearing black stockings same as Nikkie and high heels a black skirt and a white dress as she would be a teacher or a secretary, she looked stunning, the bottom of her dress been open and I could see her large breast, wow, Nikkie blindfold me and tied my hands behind my back,

“kiss my feet and lick them” Nikkie ordered, I did, I knew she likes when I suck her toes and I did, I felt Nikkie was getting aroused, out of nothing suddenly Nikkie hit me with her cane on my back,

“kiss Nicole feet” she ordered, I did, Nicole standing in front of me, I started to kiss her shoes and her feet, Nikkie pushed my head down grabbing into my hair and slowly brought my head up to Nicole knees and between her legs, “smell her sweet pussy” she said and pushed my head into Nicole pussy, but shit there was no pussy, I been pushed onto something hard and suddenly  realized Nicole was a ladyboy, “oh no Nikkie, No please” but Nikkie had no mercy, “make him hard”,

“what? make him hard?? What do you mean” in managed to mumble still been pushed between Nicole legs, Nikkies cane stroke me hard “make his cock hard, come on take it in your mouth” Nikkie still pushing me into his cock, I felt his cock getting hard, Nikkie took it in her hand put a condom over and pushed it into my mouth, “on no” I had to suck a cock, I really was not into that,

But Nikkie did not let go, reluctant I sucked his cock, it got harder and harder, Nicole (or whatever was his name) started to move and pushed his cock even deeper into my mouth,

“that’s enough, we don’t want him to cum for the moment, we need that cock hard “ Nikkie released me from that cock, I could not believe she was doing that to me, but somehow I felt kind of excitement,

“bend over the massage bed” Nikkie untied my hands and tied them up in front of me, I was standing on the edge of the massage bed my upper body laying on the bed, hands stretched out forward and tied to the other end of the bed my legs spread and tied to the wooden frame, my ass sticking out I only could imagine what Nikkie was up to, and yes she did not hold it for long,

“Nicole here will fuck your ass, I want to watch you been fucked” “Oh Nikkie pls don’t do that to me” I was begging, Nikkie was hugging me “do you love me” she whispered in my ear “Yes Nikkie I Love you”, “than take it for me, it excites me” “yes Nikkie” I managed to say,

In the same time Nicole was on my ass, he put lubricant on and tried his cock into my ass, I’m very tied and it took him all effort but finally he managed, I felt pain and that strange feeling the need to go to toilet” Nicole was deep inside and seemed to enjoy his ride, I was groaning in pain, Nikkie was watching and enjoyed the show, I saw she was playing herself that means she really was aroused by what she was doing to me, after a while Nicole let go from me, I was relieved,

Nikkie came to me hugged and kissed me “thanks, that was hot” now make him cum”

she untied me, I was to get on my knees, Nicole pushed his cock into my mouth, with great relieve I noticed he had a condom on, “come on suck his cock and make him cum” Nikkie was pushing me,

I did the best I could I never had sucked a cock, I wanted to get that over, after a while I had found the right spot and technique, Nicole started to get active and I felt he was near to cum, I felt his hot cum filling the condom he pushed for a while than let it go, I still was in shock, what was I doing, but I realized I was aroused too by now, “stand up, he will suck your cock”

Nikie was so unpredictable, I stood up, Nicole on her knees and took my cock in her mouth,

this was something different, when I looked down  I saw a beautiful woman sucking my cock, she looked gorgeous long black hair, beautiful make up and big breast, it took her not long and also I had an exciting orgasm,

Nikkie was watching in excitement, we had another glass of wine with Nicole before she left,

When we been alone Nikkie was hugging me “thanks” she kissed me “I’m still excited, come on to the bedroom I want to make love with you”…….

I love you Nikkie….



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