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The Kidnap April 2013, a true story   

I had just completed an incredibly long around the world trip; London, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and was on my way to Bangkok for some Rest & Relaxation “R&R” I was looking forward to meet my Mistress Emma, and especially since I had not seen her a long time.  I had made an appointment to see her, and would call her after checking into my hotel on Sukhumvit 24 in Bangkok. When I landed, I turned on my phone and received an unexpected SMS, Text message from Mistress Emma to tell me that she was picking me up at the airport, and to meet her upstairs at the departure level Door 3, where passengers are dropped off. 

I was surprised, because I typically take a taxi to meet her in Bangkok after I check into my hotel. I quickly travelled through the airport, with my luggage, curious, excited and looking forward to meet my mistress, and enjoy several nice days in Bangkok. When I walked to the curb, I was even more surprised to see the car of a friend of mine, with Mistress Emma, and Mistress Yo standing next to the back door, telling me to get in. 

I put my luggage in the trunk and obeyed my mistress and got into the back seat, sitting between Mistress Emma and Mistress Yo.  My friend was commissioned to be the driver, and he apparently was instructed to not talk to me as he did not respond to my “wow what a surprise, how are you” greetings. As soon the doors closed, the driver started to drive out of the airport and the two mistresses started to unbutton my shirt, and I got excited thinking about what nice things would happen next. But then suddenly they tied my hands behind my back, and a hooded bag appeared, which the mistresses put over my head, and tied with a cord around my neck.  I could breathe as the bag was made of porous material, but I could not see. Both mistresses continued to play with me, told me to be quiet, and talked to each other in Thai, a language I do not understand. 

Bare chested they took of my pants, I was sitting on the back seat with only my underwear, tied, and hooded. The car continued to drive, with turns and stops, until it suddenly came to a complete stop and the engine was turned off.  I could still hear aircraft thunder overhead, so I suspected that I was still at the airport. Suddenly the back door opened and the mistresses told me to get out. I was scared and clumsy, as I could not see, was stripped to my underwear, and felt a breeze, knowing I was outside.  Suddenly I was pushed into another car, and I heard additional female voice, but voices I did not recognize. I was sandwiched on the back seat between several ladies, with female voices coming from the front as well, assuming it to be from the driver and another lady, I could only guess, but it seemed I was kidnapped by numerous ladies, two of which I recognized from their voice, but several others not. 

The girls next to me seemed not familiar. Then rope came out, and my balls where tied firmly, with at least 10 circles around the ball sack, putting tension on my balls, and making my cock rock hard.  Next my hands behind my back where released, and one by one tied to the safety handles above the left and right door. I was tied now with my arms wide, and head hooded, helpless, unable to move.  Then, hands where exploring all parts of my body, removing my undershorts, pinching my nipples, playing my cock, scratching my balls. 

All the time I was blindfolded, naked, with unknown girls playing my body, on the back seat of a car tied with my hands to the door roof handles, in busy Bangkok traffic.  I had no idea where we where going, and I was not allowed to ask questions, and the ladies, played with my body, as if it was their toy. The ride seemed endless with many twists, turns and stops and finally after 30 minutes the car finally came to a stop in a garage. 

I heard an electric gate go into motion, and it appeared that a garage door was being closed Mistress Emma ordered me out of the car, with my hood still on, pitch-dark, and now naked.  I carefully walked as to not fall, hands still bound behind my back, and moved up a staircase, into a room, where I was ordered to stand still.  I could smell candles burning, the room gave a scary feeling of a desolated and dark space. Suddenly I heard the sound of heavy chains.  My legs where spread, and tied while standing with cufflinks around my ankles.  Next came my hands, two mistresses carefully untied my hands behind my back, put cufflinks around my wrist and tied my arms, high spread, standing now naked, arms and leg all spread. I heard many female voice, and could not make out who was in front or behind, but continuously many different hands where exploring all parts of my body. 

Suddenly someone took the rope off my ball and retied them even tighter, and hung significant weights from my balls.  At every move of my body, the weights would act as a pendulum, swinging back and forth.  At the same time, another girl was probing my ass with her fingers, adding some lube, and then she pushed some type of dildo or butt plug into my ass.  It hurt a bit, as the overdoses of hands and touching, made my nerves ultra sensitive, but eventually, the butt plug sat snug and comfortable in place. When I made protesting noises, I heard mistress Emma tell the other mistresses that they needed to “shut up this hostage”, and the ladies installed a mouth gag, with a feeding tube attached. 

This contraption had a leather strap harness that strapped tightly around my forehead, ears and neck. There was no way I could spit out the mouth gag, or refuse to drink anything that the ladies decided to force down the feeding tube. Then a whip landed on my ass, as one of the mistresses was focused to inflict pain, and landed, what seemed dozens of strokes on my tingling ass.  As the same time another lady was busy playing my cock, and installed a sheet around my cock attached to a large plug-in vibrator, in effect simulating a hand job and giving me overdoses of sensations. 

I was ordered to stand still, and to make matters worse, with each move, my balls would swing back and forth as many hands where exploring my body. Then I heard the vivid peeing sound into a cup or bucket and suddenly some fluid came down the pipe into my mouth, with instruction to swallow.  I had no option but to swallow the warm fluid. One of the girls was relentlessly working my cock, to near orgasm, and each time I nearly reached the peak, she would squeeze my balls and I would be hit harder by the whip. From the discussion, although I could not understand the language, I could hear my mistresses expressing disapproval at my behavior and movement, and suddenly the butt plug in my ass started vibrating, adding another dimension of sensation. 

Then suddenly I heard pumping sound, and the butt plug in my ass expanded.  The mistress said, “let’s see if he can take 10 pumps”.  I was instructed to count until 10 and it continued until what seemed that my ass was filled.   Then more whipping followed, and an inquiry to see if the hostage could take another 10 pumps, I was again counting from 11 to 20, until my ass seemed to explode. Mistress Emma gave some instructions; many hands where all over my body, to untie my arm and legs, but with the cufflinks, hood, butt plug in my ass, but now deflated and vibrator turned off, ball rope, tight in place, and mouth gag removed. I was ordered to lay down, where I was tied spread eagle on a soft leather covered mattress, with a pillow under my neck and head. All got dead quiet, as everyone left the room, the lights turned off, I was hooded, but I could still notice if a light was on or off, and it was very quiet, as I was left alone for a long time, what seemed like a half hour.  I started to doze off, ready for a power-nap, laying on the floor after much excitement, and stimulation, in need for a recovery. 

I sprung back to life, when unexpectedly I felt someone playing with my cock.  It was dark, quiet, and what seemed was just one person playing with my cock and balls and turning on the butt-plug vibrator in my ass.  Then suddenly what seemed to be a second body, cradled over my head, and instructed me to lick.  I was licking the juices of a pussy, and was instructed to do a better job, all this time the first person kept playing with my cock. The mistress then suddenly changed her position, sitting on my mouth in the other direction, facing my legs, as she lowered her ass on my mouth.  I was ordered to lick and clean her ass.  She sat down, denying me to breath, gasping for air, whilst licking, and being immensely played with by the lady who was working my cock and balls. 

Suddenly I felt the presence of a 3rd body, as the third girl mounted my rock hard cock, while mistress told me to clean her ass better, and the original girls playing my balls and pumping air in-and-out of the butt plug. I could not hold it any longer and I grunted loudly, in massive confusion after relentless abuse and sensations. 

During my intense orgasm, mistress sat down on my mouth and nose and nearly suffocated me, as I collapsed in exhaustion and incredible pleasure, mixed with pain. All left the room to let me lay there exhausted, and returned 15 minutes later to untie and unhood me. I was deeply surprised by recognizing 3 ladies, Mistress Emma, Maya, Yo, and in addition 2 new ladies. 

We all recovered with a nice relaxing drink, a recollection of the entire afternoon play, while they where amused and laughing at my reactions. Then they told me, that this was my birthday surprise, and we ended up having a great dinner, with my friend, the driver, who later told me that the ladies concocted this surprise with pain staking planning and flawless execution. 

Thank you  for this surprise and incredible experience; Mistress Emma, Mistress May, Mistress Yo, Playgirls Poo, Playgirl Pueung and Driver Thomas 

I can now be dreaming about the next time I will be kidnapped


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