The new chair

i was young and new in the big city, i tried to finance my study with various different jobs, that was when i met Nikkie, she's been working as a secretary in a small company and just moved into a new house in the outskirts, i met Nikkie by coincidence at a pub, she was a very hot and sexy woman,

Nikkie offered me to live with her for free if i could help her with some "work" she's been doing to compensate her little salary, i was curious what kind of work this would be and a bit nervous when i reached Nikkies house somewhere in the afternoon,

Nikkie showed me the house everything looked nice, she had done her best, she opened a bottle of red wine and said it would be easier  if we would have a glass of wine before we talk about her business, i started to get more nervous but in the same time also more curious, after 2 glasses of wine and some talk she said she would show me something, took me to the basement of the house and opened a heavy wooden door,

what i saw was beyond my imagination, i had heard and read about something like that but not seen such a room before, the room was painted red and black and at some walls just stones, there was a wooden frame with chains hanging from it, Nikkie switched on some spot lights and i could see shelves and hooks with different equipment, some of it i could not identify, others, large dildos and vibrators, a strange feeling came over me, i wanted to run away but at the same time i felt some excitement in me which i've never known before,

Nikkie smiled at me, she said she would know what i would feel now, she felt the same when she first saw such a room, she explained to me that it was called BDSM, bondage, domination, discipline, sado, maso,

Nikkie told me she's running some websites, man, slaves, come to her to worship her, kiss her feet, been punished or any other fantasy they had, she explained that BDSM is not only about wiping, canning and pain but could also be very sensual and erotic, some slave would want to drink her pee, "the variations are endless and there is always something new" she ended her explanation, "besides that" Nikkie smiled at me "it really turns me on when i control a man" "it’s like a drug to me" "it makes me horny and during some sessions i have several orgasm" 

i was confused and skeptic how that possibly could turn me on and make me horny?? Nikkie read my thoughts, she laughed and handed me a big whip, i hold it in my hands, it was made from red and black leather, i could feel the leather in my hand and it felt good, Nikkie told me to lash it against the massage bed which was standing in the room, i tried but not hard, Nikkie said "whack it harder" i did and i felt good again, in the same time i felt something in me, i gave it some more lashes and felt excited by it, i noticed a hot and tickling feeling in my lower stomach and in between my legs, i could not believe it myself but i got wet only from lashing a massage bed!?

Nikkie smiled and only said "now imagine you are whipping a man who is tied up on both hands and feet, is all yours and in your control, would you like to try that? i thought about it and my body start shaking, i got that nice and warm feeling in my stomach and between my legs, i was complete wet now and YES i wanted to whip a man, 

Nikkie led me out of the room into a small dressing room, there she had all sorts of high heels and very sexy dresses, there been uniforms, leather dresses and sexy lingerie, she ask me to select one and she selected one for herself, i was excited, horny and shy in the same time, Nikkie put herself in a black mini skirt and a short black latex top, i could not decide so she gave me a SWAT team dress, i found myself looking very sexy and my excitement increased even more, Nikkie smiled at me, she felt my excitement but said nothing,  

suddenly the door bell rang, "oh shit" Nikkie said "i forgot, they would deliver the new chair today, i wanted to get out of my dress but Nikkie held me back, "NO lets surprise these guys a bit" both we went upstairs to open the door, i still was trembling by excitement, i turned out the guy who delivered the new chair was alone, he was about 30, handsome and in very good shape, he was wearing a muscle shirt and i could see clearly his big muscles, seeing me in the SWAT team shirt he smiled "nice dress" he commented, i felt shy again but Nikkie blinked at me, she got him to unload the chair and bring it into the house, it was made by black leather on a metal structure, the structure itself could move on a frame underneath it, the guy his name was Max brought the chair in and ask Nikkie to sign off the delivery,

Nikkie looked at him and said "NO", Max looked confused, Nikkie smiled at me and with the same smile she told him that she could not sing off the delivery until the chair was proper "commissioned" and tested on "special purpose", she ordered Max to bring the chair down in the basement, he shrugged and carried on to bring the chair into the basement, we followed, seeing the room he looked confused but said nothing, as he wanted to leave Nikkie blocked his way, she put both her hands on his shoulders gentle raised her knee between his legs and pushed him back into the room, at that moment i was scared, what was she doing? that guy was huge and had big muscles he easily could get passed her, but he behaved like a pet dog and let her do,

she pushed him on the chair, max looked at me as asking for help but Nikkie  ordered me to sit on his legs and tie him up, she was already about to tie up his hands and fix them on the chair, i was trying to figure out how i could tie up his legs when Nikkie came to help me, in no time she also had tied his legs, he now looked nervous but there was no way out for him, he hardly could move, Nikkie took a scissor and cut open his muscle shirt, wow he had a good body, i was standing there stunning, "open his trouser" i heard Nikkie say, i hesitate but the guy was tied up and i was more excited than ever, i think by than my pussy was tripping wet,

i opened his trouser, Nikkie had a look and played with his cock until it was hard, "hmmm nice cock" she said, indeed it was a nice and a big one, i wondered what she wanted to do, Max now started protesting, he pulled on his ropes and demanded to get free, Nikkie selected a gag ball from a shelf and gagged him, "shut up!!" she said and took a candle, "want to see if you can take a little pain big guy" and lighted the candle, she ask me to put oil on his body and drop by drop purred the hot wax onto his chest and tummy, he was shaking and wiggle but could not get away, my excitement increased,

his cock was still hard, a sign that he was not too uncomfortable with the situation, after a while his chest was full of wax, Nikkie stopped, i could not help but had to take his cock in my hands and played with it, i imagined that cock in my pussy and almost had an orgasm, Nikkie seemed to read my thoughts, "want to try him" she said and smiled, "sit on his face he's gonna lick you until you come, i hesitate but was too horny to let that got, so i took of my panties and sit on him, he licked me well, in the same time Nikkie put more wax on his body, every trop he moved and put his tongue deeper inside my pussy, it took not long and i had the strongest and most exciting orgasm ever since,

i came all over in his mouth and Nikkie ordered him to lick it all clean, by than i had the feeling Max enjoyed what we been doing to him,

Nikkie said now it would be time for his final test, otherwise she could not sign off the delivery, she played his cock and told him she would allow him to cum on my feet BUT he had to lick his own cum clean from my feet, she looked in his eyes and removed his gag, he said he could not do that, "well we will see”  Nikkie said smiling she continued to play his cock and ask me to play with his nipples, the poor guy was shaking, every time when he was about to cum Nikkie stopped and pinched his cock with her long nails,

she ask him again "will you lick it from her shoes?" he now was desperate, he would have done everything if she only would let him cum, he nod his head slightly, Nikkie slapped him, "answer me!!" she demanded, "will you lick your cum from her feet?" "yes" he said in low noise, she slapped him again, harder, "its, YES Mistress, i want to hear you louder!!" she continued to play his cock and pinched it again so he could not cum, "YES Mistress" he said,

Nikkie slapped him again hard playing his cock "Yes Mistress - WHAT??" and continued to play and pinch his cock, i could feel he was really on the edge, "YES Mistress i will lick my cum from her feet and shoes" he almost screamed, "GOOD!" she ordered me to sit on a high chair my feet with my shoes next to his cock, "you can cum now" she told him and in the same time a huge load of warm cum came over my feet and shoes, my body start shaking and i felt an excitement i never had and never knew before, but this was not all, now he had to lick it,

Nikkie took my feet with my shoes to his mouth and said "lick it!!  lick it all SLAVE!!" he hesitate but than he licked all my feet and shoes clean, my pussy was tripping wet, I had that incredible feeling in my lower stomach,

we untied him, Nikkie signed off for the delivery and we let him go, by than i knew i would move into Nikkies house, i finally had found a way to support my study and will have lots of fun with it, 


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The New Chair