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The Secret Life

it’s been on an overseas business trip, she was sitting next to me, asian, probably chinese, tall, nice body about 35 years old, as usual i was sleeping over night, while she was reading a book, it was covered in blank paper but I did not give it any thoughts, later on during the night she was sleeping too, her book was falling to my legs, i picked it up noticed the blank paper went off to one side and i could see the title of the book "fifty shades of grade" wow i thought, i put the book back next to her seat when suddenly she woke up looked at me and at the book, "it’s been falling down" i said and pointed to the book, she smiled, i took all my courage and ask her "do you enjoy the book?" she blushed, said nothing, i opened my ipad called up my bdsm stories, selected "the new chair" and gave it to her, 

she took it said nothing and read, “do you like it, I wrote it myself” I explained, she blushed again opened her mouth wanted to say something but kept silent, i took the ipad out of her hands selected the latest photo session in our dungeon gave it to her and said "there is a secret life in every one of us" she looked at the photos, "that’s you" she pointed at the ipad, "yes that’s me" she looked at me and scrolled through the rest of the photos, it seemed she enjoyed it, there been many different photos of different aspects of bdsm, some bondage, same spanking and whipping, on some i been tied up and a mistress purred hot wax on my chest, tummy and ……, nipple clamps, my balls tied up and my cock hard, she stopped on that and looked at it a while, when she felt I was watching her she continued to scroll through the pictures, she leaned over to me and whispered in my ear "i'm wet, very wet now....."

she moved in her seat as if she could not sit anymore, i remember one of my girl friends always told me "if she moves her ass, she likes it" well my friend next to me seemed very much aroused by now and i was too,by than the lights went on and they started to prepare for breakfast, we eat without talking,after breakfast she said "thank you for talking to me about that, i have secret fantasies for a while and i feel ashamed of it, i always try to block and blend them out", "you must have a lot of experience with that" she looked at me, "well we have a private dungeon and you are welcome to join us for a play" i smiled at her, 

the aeroplane was descending now, we had to switch off the ipad, she took a piece of paper and wrote down her tel no. gave it to me "i'm christie" thanks, nice to meet you christie, i'm max, she leaned over to me, "about my secret fantasies, i'm shy and ashamed of it" she whispered, "that’s alright, i have secret and kinky fantasies too, don’t be ashamed just live you fantasy and fulfill it" i smiled and looked at her, she really was gorgeous, she opened the last button of her shirt, i could see part of her breast and bra, her hands been on her chest and neck, she was fighting with herself, finally she leaned over and whispered in my ear "my fantasy is ........what i heard made me excited, now i was the one who was moving i his seat as i could not sit anymore, she clearly could see my hard cock and she looked satisfied to see that,“don’t be ashamed of it, it’s perfectly alright” I ensured her,

the plane landed we saw each other again at the luggage belt and said good bye, we had a plan, I would organize a session with her, 

mistress nikkie and me been sitting in our dungeon waiting for christie, the play room was prepared, nikkie been wearing black stockings, high heels, a short skirt and a black latex top, she looked great, she always looked great, i was in love with her and she knew it, she was my mistress and I was her slave, she owned me and I was happy with that, i was wearing jeans but no underwear, i was feeling more sexy and excited without underwear specially when we been about to play, my t-shirt was showing my muscles, i had my collar on with the word "SLAVE", i liked that collar, nikkie always had me wearing it, even sometimes in public when we been out for dinner, christie arrived, she looked gorgeous, black stockings, elegant red high heels, a very tight red skirt down to her knees, white business shirt, collar standing up and button open, i could see her red bra, huge silver ear rings, her black hair was strict tied back made to a pony tail, she was just stunning,

nikkie slapped me on the head "don’t stare at her,!! get her a glass of wine and get out of your shirt, we want to see your naked body,so i took off my shirt and purred christie a glass of red wine, nikkie was putting clamps on my nipples, thes clamps been connected by a chain, we talked a bit while drinking ,

after a while nikkie jumped up standing now behind christie her arm around her neck wrestling her down, christie tried and struggled but it was too late nikkie had her on her knees her arm around christies neck choking her and handcuff her arms behind her back,

nikkie took her bamboo cane standing in front of christie the cane hovering above christies shoulder,"so, who do you think you are??" "HE" she pointed at me "is mine and mine alone", her cane pointed at me, "come here on your knees, next to her" " do you think she is beautiful" "yes" i said, "more beautiful than me?" nikkie ask, "aehm, NO not of course" i stuttered, the cane came down hard on my back, "don’t lie, she is gorgeous",

nikkie was pulling on the chain of my nipple clamps, that hurt, christie was watching with big eyes, she looked afraid, she was not sure if this was real or part of the play, i was not sure either,"so what shall i do with you now? Shall i punish both of you?" nikkies cane went under christies chin and lifted her head up, "look at me bitch, i talk to you?" "did he started that flirt or you slut?", nikkie opened christies shirt, buttons burst, her cane played around her breast,"i started ...." nikkie slapped me hard "did i ask you?" and went again to christie, "well" "yes he ask me if .... " "you would enjoy your book" nikkie fell into her word,

christie was silent, she really looked scared now, nikkie was playing very well, "so you been reading “fifty shades of grey” sitting next to him been horny and dreamed to be fucked by him, is it bitch?" nikkie hold her cane under chisties chin so she had to look in her eyes, she pushed her hand under chrisites skirt and between her legs, christie groaned as in pain "you are dripping wet - bitch" nikkie was presenting 2 wet fingers,"i tell you once and for all, he is mine! and if you only think about to contact him without me knowing it i will make you feel sorry for it, is that clear bitch?" nikkies cane went down hard on christies ass and was now hovering dangerous over christies head,christie screamed in pain but didn’t move,"answer me, bitch!!", "Yes it’s clear" Christie almost screamed, her eyes filled with tears,

it’s “YES Mistress!!” nikkies cane hit again this time on christies titts, she creamed,“Yes Mistress, it’s clear I will not contact him”   "and what will you do when he contacts you?", christies answer came instantly "i will tell you about it Mistress", christies eyes full of tears looking up to nikkie, "good, smart girl, you learn fast, i begin to like you", "so i will punish him, 10 times with the cane" nikkies cane wuuushed through the air,"but you bitch, will be punished too, while i cane him he shall be fucking your mouth deep throat" christies eyes became even wider now, "oh please I’m gagging very easy", "too bad for you bitch, but maybe if you lucky he be gentle with you and don’t stick it to deep, of course this would mean i cane harder and he has to take the extra pain" nikkie was grinning,

"what do you waiting for" her cane came down hard on my butt "get out of that jeans and get your cock hard, don’t let me wait"I’ve been hard for a while , christie still on her knees I’m standing in front of her, "open wide, and give him a good blow job" nikkie ordered, oh my god christie seemed to be an expert, i forgot the world for a second, "hey hey hey, dont cum" nikkies cane hit me hard, it took me out of the blue and my reaction was what nikkie wanted, to avoid the pain i moved forward rammed my hard cock deep into christies throat, she gagged, the second hit came i was prepared still my cock went a bit into christies throat, nr 3 came right after it and i couldn’t overcome the reflex to move forward, my cock again went into christies throat, she gagged, spit and saliva was running out from her mouth, her eyes filled with water, cane no 4 and 5 came, i could handle it but christie was still gagging and struggling, nikkie gave us some second to relax but cane no 6 came and immediately  nr 7, thus i moved again deep into her throat, cane no 8 and no 9, christie was gagging, saliva was running out of her mouth, tears been running down her cheeks, cane no 10 came and hit me hard, christie was sobbing, “how old are you?” nikkie ask, “35” chrsitie answered, nikkies cane hit her hard, “what did we learn before? how do you address me?”“I’m 35 Mistress” Christie cried, “so it’s 25 more” nikkie was grinning,“but you said 10 before?”  nikkies answer came immediately her cane hit christies titts, I seen a red mark forming, Christie screamed, “want to be a smart girl?” nikkies hand pushed christies head up looking her deep in her eyes, “I’m in control here and if it pleases me to give you 100 more you will take it, do I make myself clear”? nikkie was squeezing christies nipple, I could see Christie was in pain but did not scream “YES Mistress” was her answer,

nikkie went on another 35 strokes, they came hard and my cock went deep into christies mouth, i felt sorry for Christie but I could not help it, nikkie was hitting hard and I was in pain too, her strokes stung, christie been choking and gagging, her eyes filled with tears, but she took it and did not move, finally it was over, christie was done, my ass hurt, "get her on her feet" nikkie ordered, i lifted her up, her legs been shaking she' s been on her knees for a long time, i knew her blood would rush into her legs which gives you this feeling thousands of little ants biting inside your legs, she took it and said nothing,

I cleaned her up as good as I could,nikkie was watching us, she took christie by her pony tail "come on bitch it just started" and dragged her upstairs where the play room was, i followed,

"get naked" nikkie ordered, christie did, i was watching and got hard again, wow she had a nice body, long legs firm breasts and a firm ass, i was stunned but not for long, nikkies cane hit me hard "did I allow you to look at her? do you want to take a picture?" get to tie her up, chistie was laying on the leather chair i tied her hands behind her head, nikkie spread christies legs and hang them up on a frame above the chair, christies pussy was wide open, nikkie standing in front of her, her cane was moving gentle over christies body and ended on her pussy, she gave christie a small hit with her cane on her pussy, christie was shaking, "blindfold her than knee down in front of her between her legs"

nikkie hit christies pussy again, i could see christies pussy was open and wet, "suck her toes" nikkie ordered, i started to suck christies toes, her body began to move she was moaning, "you like that, bitch" nikkie slapped christies pussy with a black leather swatter, christie could not hold back she made little squeaking sounds, nikkie slapped her hard with that swatter on her pussy and than on her nipples, "be quiet bitch otherwise i gag you" i could see there was a small stream of juice running out of christies pussy down her ass, i would have loved to lick that clean but nikkie was watching me "i know what you want" nikkie seemed to read my thoughts "but i'm not gonna let you do that" "keep on sucking her toes" nikkie hit me with that swatter, she took the microphone,the microphone was a massage tool it had a big vibrating head which looked like a microphone, that’s why we called it the microphone, she’s been teasing christie with the microphone on her tits, i saw her nipple got hard and been standing up, down her tummy, on her legs, inside her legs cycling around christies pussy, christies ass was moving she's been moaning and squeaking, "gag her" nikkie ordered

i put a big black gag ball in christies mouth and secured the lashes behind her head, she still was making sounds and her ass was constantly moving, nikkie was now sitting aside christie the microphone playing christies pussy, "knee in front of her pussy, hands behind your back" nikkie ordered, i obeyed and was looking right into christies wide open and wet pussy, nikkie was playing her pussy with the microphone, Christie was moving faster, she's been shaking, it was like a shock wave of electricity been moving through her body, i could see her pussy filled with juice and white cum, christie was still shaking but nikki did not stop, "is this what you want bitch!?" "take it" more and more juice been coming out of christies pussy, i was kneeing only 50cm in front of that georgeous pussy, my cock was rock hard, I wanted to push it inside that beautiful and wet pussy, 

"dont even think about it"  nikkie hit me hard with her cane, she now been standing in front of christie took out her gag ball and removed her blindfold, "do you want him to fuck you bitch?" christie looked with big eyes, i could see it in her eyes, she really wanted it, "any cock, just fuck me with a big cock but fuck me, fuck me" her eyes been saying,"do you really think i allow him to fuck your pussy?" she slapped Christies pussy hard with that swatter, nikkie now pointed at me "do you really think i would allow you to fuck her pussy?"christie and me looked puzzled, "well, I had  some hope" i thought but said nothing, my ass hurt enough,"i will tell you what i will allow you", "you shall just sit there and watch her", “You” her cane pointing at me “YOU will not be allowed to cum for a very long time!!”“I don’t believe it, you really have thought I would allow you to fuck her, did you??” nikkie was right in front of me now and slapped me hard, left right, that stung, she squeezed my nipples pain increasing, “who own you?” “YOU Mistress!” I pressed breathing hard, her finger nails digging into my nipples, I screamed, nikkie did not let go, I knew than and saw it in her eyes, she was not playing anymore, this was real, she was pissed, nikkie was dead jealous, “who is your mistress?” her nails digging in my nipples her other hand squeezed my balls, I was in pain, but I knew I had to stand that, “YOU Mistress Nikkie!!” I pressed in pain, nikkie slapped me again, left right, with all force she had, “this is not over!!” nikkie hissed furious, “I will teach you who is your mistress and who you will make love to!!”, she squeezed my nipples again, “I can’t hear you” “YES Mistress Nikkie” I hurried to say,

Christies still tied up watched with wide eyes, she sensed that this was not part of the play, nikkie turned to her, “what you are watching at bitch?”  nikkie went to the shelf "this is going into her pussy" she presented a big black rubber dildo with vibrating function, “and this is going into your ass” nikkie was grinning and presented a big butt plug with vibrating function, she pointed at me “sit here next to her and watch! hands behind your back, don’t touch youself!!” nikkie was watching me, I tried not to look at christie, I knew I had to please nikkie, she was my mistress and I was in love with her, I don’t know what came over me before, why was I thinking I would fuck christie, I had made it to obvious and I deserved to be punished for it, nikkie would make sure of that so much I knew her by now, I loved her for that, but for the moment she was back playing, nikkie was just great,  nikkie lifted christies legs a bit up, i was kneeing in front of her, she was so wet it did not need any lubricants, it took not long and the butt plug went deep inside her ass, christie was moaning,“yes you like that bitch”,  nikkie was putting that rubber dildo deep inside christies pussy, moved it back and fore,  she played christies pussy with the dildo and her clit with the microphone, christie was moaning and squeaking, i liked that sound it turned me on and made me very horny, christie was moving shaking and after a while a big shockwave was going through her body, nikkie did not stop, "take it bitch" she was playing christies pussy hard, suddenly christie screamed a big flush of juice, cum and pee went out of her pussy, nikkie removed the rubber dildo, another flush of fluid came out of christies pussy,

wow, i had not seen anything like this before, christie was breathing hard gasping for air, we showered, cleaned up and went for dinner, christie thanked us for fulfill her secret fantasies, that was what she's been whispering in my ears in the plane, she had much more secret fantasies and visited us many more times,  

on your next business trip/flight remember "There is a secret life in every one of us."  


p.s.: nikkie punished me hard for wanting to fuck christie, but this is another storie…….