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“Blake looked positively tongue-tied. “Ma’am—” He paused. “I want to come, but I’m scared of you using that on my dick.” He gestured to the whip.

“Awww, this little thing?” Victoria lightly ran the suede strands of the whip over his cock, running it back and forth so he could feel the pleasure build. “This” “is the only way you’re going to come until I say so, Blake.

But if you ask me to put the whip away I will. ”He breathed in sharply through clenched teeth. “Oh God, okay.” Then, as if sensing that now was not the time to break decorum, he added “Ma’am.”With his full—if coerced—permission to proceed,

Victoria put a little zip into her wrist movement, letting the cat-o-nine-tails sting his length just a bit. Blake gasped.”  “Don’t be a baby,” she warned, and did it harder. Never with her full force, of course. Just enough to hurt without leaving a single mark.“These balls,” she said, grabbing his sac and gently rolling his balls in her palm, “are mine too. Just like this cock.” She whipped his cock again, building a rhythm until he howled from the overstimulation.

Hot jets of thick come spurted out of his cock, and she moved” “her whip just in time to avoid it getting covered in his semen. As much as he probably hated having his cock whipped, he almost definitely hated having the stimulation removed just when he came. It resulted in a ruined orgasm, one that, while technically an orgasm, left the sub still feeling needy and cheated. It was a favorite trick of hers to play.Blake gasped for breath and his cock wilted. Seizing her chance, she took the clear silicone male chastity belt with the inner spikes”

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